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            3. NEWS

              "Platelet function testing seminar" was successfully held in Nanjing
              發布者:PX    發布于:2014-09-16


              Commissioned by National Health Family Planning Cerebral Stroke Screening and Prevention Engineering Committee, Sinnowa held platelet function testing seminar in Nanjing, Sep 14, 2014. There are about 70 audiences from more than 60 hospitals attending the seminar. In the training course, Professor Zhao yiming, from the First Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University and senior engineer Mr.Xu from Sinnowa made reports on platelet function and testing technology; Mr. Caoning, Mr. Yufan and Mr. Jihao (technical experts from Sinnowa) demonstrated machine on-site. During the course, the experts showed the operations, precautions of platelet function testing, and trained audiences to operate the machine directly; that help audiences better understand our PL-11 platelet function analyzer and set up a good foundation for each unit to carry out platelet function testing.


              Professor Zhao yiming, from the first hospital affiliated to suzhouuniversity, report in the seminar


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